About us

Our company is a service company, we collect the digital rights for the media content of Russian and foreign artists, authors and composers for distribution via mobile operators, various sites and stores, as well as through mobile applications in Russia and around the world.

Our main goal is to help artists to promote and support their creativity in complex, delivering audio and video products for the maximum possible recourses. We try to make the widest audience have the opportunity to listen to songs and watch videos of their favorite artists.

We’ve already supplied content to four biggest mobile operators in Russia and their foreign branches. Among our customers is national telecommunications company Rostelecom with more than 100 million users. We also work with Internet sites such as Yandex, YouTube, Tvigle, iTunes Store and etc

We're not going to stop. Our plans include the partnership development with other international sites, the development of new modes of transmission and distribution of content and, of course, and the involvement of new artists